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Child Development

Words of Waldorf Wisdom


The Rainbow Bridge Celebration

“The foundations of life have been laid on every level. The growing years ahead for the
Kindergarten child have been rooted in the soil of beauty, imagination and artistic
expression that will give to all of literacy and numeracy.

The love for the earth has been established. The awe and wonderment of our relationship to the cosmos has filled our days. Our respect for each other’s heritage and love for one another has been the essence of our Kindergarten year. Good health of our growing bodies has been introduced through cooking projects and physical exercise”.

-Kindergarten Education, Betty Peck, p. 170

The children began to master their social connections, learn about relationships,
evoking feelings of reverence, gratitude, love, and empathy for the people and the
world around them. And this is only the beginning of the lifelong learning that will
lead them to make contributions to their community and to the world.

The “Rainbow Bridge” ceremony reminds us of all those aspects of life in the
Kindergarten. This is the moment for the children to remember and cherish their time
at school. The colours of the rainbow, which are brought to the children in their
heavenly order, are the greatest gift from the universe. The children enter the world
connected to all they see, feel, touch, and hear, as they look forward to the future and the new endeavours.

Sitting together in a “Golden ring” brings us the feeling of family, unity, and
togetherness. We remember our times of joy and sorrow, of our work, play, and
adventures. We share our gratitude for all the work that was done, for the hard work
that the children put into their transformation. We thank the parents for their
steadfast commitment, their love, help and support. We thank the teachers for guiding the children throughout the year. We thank our school community for surrounding us with love and providing a safe place for all this growth to take shape.

All the children are on their beautiful journey of learning, which will not end. That is
why all of them are crossing the “Rainbow Bridge”. The Junior Students cross the
bridge first since they are entering the realm of becoming the senior classmates. The
Senior Kindergarten students, dressed in their self-made “Graduation Regalia”: the
finger-knitted belt, pouch for their treasures and the walking stick, cross the bridge
next. We see them bravely stepping over the “invisible threshold”, with their “Crystal
for strength” and “Apple for nourishment”. And as they “emerge”, with the “Rose for the love in
their heart”.

The children’s journey in the Kindergarten this year is complete. The new one begins….

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